Wood Floor Inlays and Medallions


Transform Your Space with Beautiful Wood Floor Medallions by Royal Wood Floors

Royal Wood Floors, a local company to Wisconsin’s own Milwaukee County, has added to its list of home and business services, elaborate wood floor medallions and hardwood floor inlay installation services. The company is known for its expert floor care, restoration, refinishing, and installation services.

The company notes that many homeowners, business owners, and property investors have the misconception about hardwood flooring and its so-called limitations. However, practically any type of wood flooring can be decoratively transformed with wood floor medallions by inserting hardwood floor inlays. These decorative additions can make a floor come alive and add to the overall decor of the space.

“So many people who have hardwood floors in their home, business, or investment property believe that once their floors are installed, that’s it, and nothing else can be done to add more to them. But that isn’t the case. Practically any type of wood flooring can be spruced up with wood floor medallions. It’s not a difficult process and the return on investment is a good one. For instance, you can take the average wood floor that’s been in a home or business for many years, install some medallions or other types of inlays, then refinish the whole floor and completely transform the entire space,” a company spokesperson explained.

Royal Wood Floor states that such decorative improvements not only make a big difference in how a floor looks, but can bring out elements in the surrounding decor. There are many types of medallions and inlays from which to choose and it’s an impacting makeover for any room.

“The great thing about medallions and inlays for hardwood floors is that there’s so much to choose from. Shapes, colors, sizes make for near endless possibilities and what’s more, if a homeowner or a business owner cannot find something they like, the inlays can be custom made. Be it a nautical theme, a family crest, or a decorative design, it can be crafted to their specifications. Customers can also choose to have a custom border included. If the customer is unsure what to choose, we can use our expertise to recommend a medallion or inlay that will best fit their floor and decor,” the spokesperson added.