Royal Wood Floors Featured On Do It Yourself (DIY) Network


Royal Wood Floors Engineered Hardwood Floor Installation Was Recently Featured On The DIY Network

A DIY network show recently featured new homeowners, Kirsten and Maurice, in one of their Do It Yourself episodes. In conjunction with Royal Wood Floors, the popular cable television series followed Maurice and Kirsten through their journey of replacing worn, dated and stained carpeting in their bonus room.

The renovation presented many challenges, but the most difficult was finding a flooring choice that wasn’t too expensive and could handle heavy traffic for many years to come. The couple eventually found with the help of their professional contractors an engineered hardwood floor installation just perfect for their needs and the space’s decor.

“We are continually surprised by new customers being surprised by our products and services. They just don’t believe the cost estimates because they’ve often gone to a specialty retailer or a big box home improvement store. The sticker shock sends up a flare and they wind up finding us as a feasible alternative. Not only do we routinely beat those prices, we offer superior service and don’t sub contract out to unqualified individuals,” a company spokesperson said, talking about Royal Wood Floors’ products and services.

The show demonstrated to homeowners Kirsten and Maurice, as well as thousands upon thousands of viewers that engineered hardwood floor installation is a great way to transform practically any room from ordinary to extraordinary. The episode solves the puzzle not only for new property owners Maurice and Kirsten, but for all the viewers tuning in on how to expertly tackle practically any engineered hardwood floor installation.

With its beauty, ease of planning and installation, these engineered hardwood floors take a lot of the guesswork out of the equation. The company points out that what their customers are left with is an exceptional space with great flooring that’s built to last for more than one lifetime.

Royal Wood Floors also gives its customers, and public real world tips for how to clean floors on its updated website and its showroom is chock full of tip sheets as well as knowledgeable associates who are ready for any question.

For more information about these elegant, yet durable engineered hardwood floor products and installation service protocols, please phone Royal Wood Floors at 727-267-2617.