Professional Elmgrove Wood Floor Artisan


New Go-To Elmgrove Hardwood Floor Artisan Offering Truly Professional Services at Affordable Prices

Contact this Elmgrove hardwood floor artisan for the best flooring services in the area at reasonable prices and on-time project completion. Royal Wood Floors is the only source for all thing hardwood, no matter the size or the condition.

Homeowners, businesses, and property managers can now hire the most experienced Elmgrove hardwood floor artisan for all their wood floor installation needs, as well as many custom wood styles.

The key to lasting hardwood is taking good care of them, Royal Wood Floors states. Doing a bit of regular cleaning and avoiding certain household products are a recipe for making floors last for generations.

“It’s easy to love hardwood floors. Wood is naturally beautiful and full of charm, providing not just texture, but color to any room. It’s easy to clean, but most importantly, it gives any space a sense of long-lasting quality. Hardwood floors can last for centuries if cared for properly, adding value and a sense of integrity to your home.”

Proper Care of Hardwood

To make hardwood floors last for decades, Keith Allman of Royal Wood Floors recommends cleaning up any spills immediately and avoiding oil based, wax, polish, or ammoniated or abrasive cleaners as these can easily damage the planks.

Regularly dust, sweep and vacuum hardwood to keep it clean and prevent dirt and debris from becoming ingrained in the planks, making the floor appear dull or look badly aged.

Always use protective mats or floor protectors on furniture. Wood can easily become scratched, even gouged when furniture is moved, especially furniture moved on a regular basis, such as dining room chairs.

Allman also recommends trying to keep the humidity levels consistent, as fluctuating moisture can wreak havoc on hardwood, causing the floors to sustain undue stress, and shortening their lifespan significantly.

Professional Advice

In addition to proper care for extra longevity, Royal Wood Floors states that when it’s time to hire a professional to buff, refinish, repair, or even replace hardwood, it’s best to ask for references and an upfront pricing proposal.

Allman points out that many homeowners can make the mistake of going with the least expensive quote. Typically, quotes which are strikingly low don’t include key things such as materials and labor. If this is the case, those costs will be tacked on after the job is completed. This is another reason why an upfront pricing proposal is necessary when hiring a wood flooring professional.