Wood Floor Refinishing Steps to Avoid Heavy Sanding


Avoid Heavy Sanding of Wood Floors by Using These Wood Floor Refinishing Steps

Wood floor refinishing can add elegance to any home, and when they are purchased the goal is for them to last generations. Unfortunately over time, the sparkling wood floor finish will break down and appear dull. An aggressive step to refinish the floor would involve sanding, staining and finally the coating. The downside of using this aggressive solution is that it can only be utilized four times over the life of a wood floor before the surface wood is no longer viable. It is important to avoid sanding wood floors, as much as possible if one wants there wood floor to last a lifetime.

Refinishing a wood floor without sanding begins by vacuuming the entire floor first and then obtaining a good cleaner. Good products for wood floor refinishing can be purchased from Royal Wood Floor’s products link on their website for a reasonable price. The cleaner works well with terry cloth materials to pick up the wood flooring surface dirt after vacuuming . After the wood flooring surface has been cleaned, the following steps to buff and coat a wood floor should be taken:

  • Put a 150 grit screen onto the buffing machine then buff the wood flooring by moving the buffer in the same direction as the wood boards and work one’s way back and forth across the room from edge to edge. This will take off the top surface layer of the finish. This will abrade the surface layer of the finish which in turn allows adhesion from the new product to the old. Now you want to vacuum the floor again
  • Now tack the floor, what tacking the floor consists of is: taking a towel, dampening the towel, going over the entire floor four or five times to pick up any debris on the floor, this ensures that the final top coat will not have any debris or imperfections.
  • Next, stir the polyurethane gently. Pour some of the polyurethane at the corner of your floor that is furthest from your entrance. Pour the polyurethane in a line that is perpendicular from the wood boards and at the length of the pad on your floor gloss applicator.
  • Place the applicator within the gloss and pull it backward slowly, covering the floor boards, moving in the same direction as the planks. Add additional polyurethane and then repeat the process, pulling it across the whole length of the floor and then back. Cover the entire floor. Let it dry for at least 8 or up to 10 hours.

The maintenance of the wood floor refinishing efforts requires you to wait 24 hours before you move furniture back in. You will need to wait two weeks before any area rugs can be laid down on the floor. The floor cures 99% within the first twenty four hours. It takes one week for that final 1% to dry. Also note that the floor is more suceptible to scratching and marring the first week. So be careful when you move your furniture back in not to drag the furniture across the floor. By following these steps you can ensure a beautiful top coat finish.