Add New Shine by Buffing Your Wood Floors


Update Your Home Interior Style and Add New Shine by Buffing Wood Floors

You want to update the interior of your house, but you do not know where to begin. Does this sound like you? It is very common for people to procrastinate on home improvement efforts due to the fact that often the most difficult thing to do with any project, is to get started..

Are you a homeowner with wood flooring? Wood floor owners and trend setters can utilize the following steps to update their homes wood flooring appearance and help update any rooms’ interior design with a 21st Century trend.

  1. Move furniture to different viewing angles of the home. Moving furniture to an entirely different room all together is another possibility for large changes to appearances of the house.
  2. Painting a room or even just one wall in a room with a new color palette can make a real impression on a room’s decor.
  3. Purchase some different pictures, from what you have currently, within a different genre and place them in new places for a different perspective.
  4. Buffing wood floors to create a great shine adds a great focus to any room.
  5. The interior design trend is to utilize with wood floors has become a more casual sparse look, with splashes of colors, getting away from the monochromatic solid colors of the past.
  6. Mixing “Vintage and contemporary” furniture pieces together, sparsely, not allowing for too many busy pieces within a room can provide additional focus to one’s beautiful wood floors.
  7. If your kitchen is a room in need of renovations on a budget, simply repaint your cabinets and replace the cabinet hinges. Major functional changes will not be necessary if one utilizes this step of improving their kitchen. It will appear like new by replacing the hinges that ensures’ that cabinet doors fit snugly instead of hanging open which gives them a completely remodeled look. A new paint color in the kitchen can also brighten up any kitchen.

Buffing wood floors can be economical and create a beautiful look to dull, lack luster wood floors that are often caused from high traffic areas, and with a lot less mess than sanding. If you want to do it-yourself (DIY), one can rent a buffing machine and save some money compared to the cost of having a professional hardwood flooring company buffing wood floors only. It can make a great weekend project.

If your wood floors are smooth without being prone to splinters and not covered with layers of dirt or wax and residue, then buffing will be an excellent choice. If the status of the floor has high levels of dirt and wax build up, with rough edges and spots, then sanding is the next best choice.

While sanding can be a DIY project, the choice of choosing a well referenced professional is often worth the valuable time saved. The renewed life that a professional flooring expert can put back into the wood, also providing just the right coating, followed with buffing wood floors as the last step of the process, can allow years of a beautiful floor finish.

If you have questions on choosing whether to buff or sand your wood floors, then a pre-test buffing application is a great idea to begin this project. Purchase a buffing pad and buff a small area of the wood flooring by hand or with a small electric tool that rotates the buffing pad. This should give you a general idea of which wood flooring project will work best for your floors current status.

In conclusion, updating your home and wood floors appearance will enhance your atmosphere on a daily basis. The above article is meant to provide you with just some helpful information that can start you on the process of making home improvements. Remember, by following this information you can do some of the repair work yourself or if time is more valuable for your weekends off the job with your family, a professional hardwood flooring company is well worth the feeling of a new home without the cost of an actual new home.