This process involves a rough, medium, and fine sanding with our top of the line Hummel floor sanding machines. We then buff the entire floor and scrape all the corners so it can then be either stained or finished. We include water popping at no extra charge. We do this additional step to attain a deeper more consistent color to the floor. We then applicate the stain and 3 coats of water base finish with our premium plan. Most companies only stain and put 2 coats to save money. We offer an economy plan where you get the same craftsmanship and the only difference is we apply 3 coats of an oil base polyurethane as opposed to the 3 coats of water base polyurethane with the premium plan. You can choose a sheen level of matte, satin, semi gloss, or gloss at no additional charge. We have Dust free equipment that is up to par with the industry standard at no additional charge as well.

Buffing and recoating your floor is our companies’ most cost effective option. When you have an existing floor that is in good shape, but has dulled or lost its luster do to wear and tear through the years, this type of wood floor refinishing is a great option to bring back the original beauty and luster of your hard wood floors.

This aspect of the business takes a certain level of competence to achieve a woven in seamless hardwood floor repair. With a high degree of difficulty involved in this process it is best left to the professionals at Royal Wood Floors to handle this type of work. We are proficient and meticulous about our repairs looking flawless and matching your existing wood floor. Let me give you an example of what I am talking about. If you have an older home that has existing maple wood floors that are 50 years old you would not want to purchase select and better maple wood because the repair boards would stick out like a sore thumb. The boards would be to light in comparison with the older wood. The correct fix would be to utilize a maple heart wood. That would be a much closer match to an old existing maple wood floor.

The installation process is by far the most labor intensive part of our business. We specialize in custom craftsmanship that will hold true for generations to come. This will definitely increase the value of your home. The high quality hardwood flooring mills that we are fortunate to have here in the state make installation that much easier for us, which in turn allows us to complete our jobs sooner. With so many options available to choose from we work with all the major distributors to find the highest quality and best pricing for our clients. We offer a life time guarantee on all of our installation projects.

This aspect of our services really takes your hardwood floor to the ultimate upgrade. You can incorporate a custom design of your preference such as a family crest or company logo that fits your exact specification. These medallions are hand assembled as individual components of the highest quality. Once assembled the medallion or border is mounted to the specific thickness that you require. Finally the medallion or border is custom packaged to prevent damage during shipping.


This product is factory sanded and finished that needs only installation. Comes in various colors, species and sizes.

This product is unfinished flooring that requires on the job site sanding, staining and finishing after installation if desired. This has been the American Staple in hardwood floors, commonly called “Strip flooring”. Unfinished strip flooring can be sanded from four (4) to six (6) times in its lifetime.

All engineered hardwood flooring is made up of multiple layers of wood glued together to become one board.
The decorative layer on top is real wood, that is what makes it an “Engineered Floor” and NOT a laminate. In comparison, the top layer on a “laminate floor” is a man made product (Decorative papers, resins, or photographs of wood, etc…)

There are three Installation methods:


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