Royal Wood Floors, a Milwaukee Hardwood Flooring Company, Improves Its Product Line with New Finishes that Shorten Application Time

Royal Wood Floors, a Milwaukee Hardwood Flooring Company, Improves Its Product Line with New Finishes that Shorten Application Time

One of Milwaukee’s best wood floor restoration companies turns to a high-quality line of wood floor finishes that shorten the application time and render predictable final results.

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, June 9, 2016 – The results of a hardwood flooring restoration project are only as good as the quality of materials used. Well aware of this fact, Royal Wood Floors of Milwaukee continues to expand its list of preferred products with the inclusion of the Loba two-component waterborne finishes and invisible film coating.
The decision has to do with the importance of a quality protective layer in the success of any hardwood floor project. While homeowners are at first consumed with choices in hardwood species and colors, the top finish can make or break the final result. This top coating takes all the abuse of daily living and gives the wood its final look. “When it comes to the top hardwood floor coating, homeowners are usually concerned with two things,” says Keith Allman, the company’s owner. “First, how resistant the finish is. Second, how the top coat will look in a few months or years. The new products we use are responding to both these concerns. They are extremely wear and scratch-resistant and do not yellow over time, ensuring that the hardwood floors preserve their look and color.”

Among the products that made it to Royal Wood Floors’ selective list of go-to products are the WS 2K Supra and the 2K Supra A.T., two waterborne polyurethane finishes with a long list of qualities. The waterborne formula means low VOC fumes and non-flammable properties. Unlike the one-component polyurethane finishes, the 2-component variety comes in two resin packages that are mixed immediately before application. The advantages of this type of finish are the excellent storage stability and the fast curing time. Because these products set fast, more than one coat can be applied in one day, which shortens the duration of the project and allows homeowners to go back to their normal routine faster. In addition, Loba finishes are easy to apply, with no foaming or lap marks. This minimizes the time that wood floor refinishers spend fixing application errors and ensures a timely end to each project.

Along the years, Royal Wood Floors has repeatedly praised the beauty of unstained floors that allow the natural look of wood to shine. As a result, its wood floor refinishing professionals have recently added Loba’s new 2K Invisible Protect A.T. to their best finish list. This product is a durable thin film coating that retains both the appearance and feel of untreated wood.

Allman explains why it is important to let customers know about the products Royal Wood Floors uses. “One warning sign when hiring refinishing wood floor contractors is their reluctance to disclose the materials they use,” he says. “This usually happens when the materials are inferior and cheap, which often leads to work that is not up to standards. We make a point to explain to our customers what products are involved in our projects, allowing them to do their own research and put their mind at ease.”
“Hardwood flooring restoration jobs are big enough projects without the need for any more unknowns,” concludes Allman. Details about the finishes recently added to Royal Wood Floors’ preferred list are available on the Loba website.

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