Milwaukee Hardwood Floor Refinishing Initiative


Royal Wood Floors Introduces Their New Hardwood Floor Refinishing Milwaukee Initiative

Many homes in the Milwaukee area and even some businesses are equipped with hardwood floors. This type of flooring is known for being beautiful, low maintenance and for its longevity. Over time, even the most durable wood floors need a good buff and coat, or refinishing. Some might require being replaced, depending on their age and condition.

Royal Wood Floors, a company servicing the Milwaukee area and beyond, is able to provide such services to both residential and commercial properties. The company’s “hardwood floor refinishing Milwaukee” initiative is designed to make homeowners and business owners alike take notice of their floors’ condition.

The flooring service and material provider states that it’s imperative to regularly buff and coat hardwood floors to extend their beauty and function. Royal Wood Floors offers many tips on common questions, such as “how to get scratches out?” as well as tips for gauging the condition of a wood floor.

“What you will need to do, if you think your floor might need refinishing, is to test it with a teaspoon of water. Drip the water directly onto your hardwood and watch it for a few minutes. If the water beads on top of the wood, then it doesn’t need to be refinished. If however, the water absorbs into the floor, the wood should be refinished,” a company spokesperson stated, explaining how many professionals test wood floors to gauge their condition.

The company’s “hardwood floor refinishing Milwaukee initiative” has gotten the attention of locals who often call for estimates or in-home consultations, which the Royal Wood Floors professionals provide free of charge. It also states that some floors might pass the water test but still need to be replaced, most often in cases where the “tongue” is visible between planks.

“If your floor is about 100 years old and has been refinished five or more times, normal wear and tear will take its toll. You’ll begin to see separation between the flooring boards and that means it’s time to pull them up and put down new wood. However, if they are still in relatively good condition, refinishing could be a viable option,” the spokesperson added.

Aiming to get the company’s organic rank position at the top with the search phrase hardwood floor refinishing Milwaukee, Royal Wood Floor gives prospective customers answers on how to get scratches out. The company is also investing time into its hardwood floor refinishing Milwaukee campaign, stating it’s trying to become synonymous with the phrase.

For more information about the company’s hardwood floor refinishing services, phone Keith Allman at 727-267-2617. Estimates and appointments can be made through the company’s website, Royal Wood Floor.