How We Keep Hardwood Floor Costs Affordable

How We Keep Hardwood Floor Costs Affordable

More than once, we warned homeowners against hiring cheap hardwood floor contractors who promise great results for unreasonably low costs. While trying to find the best deal is a wise move, accepting low-ball offers is not. When it comes to time and resource-consuming projects such as installing or restoring hardwood floors, there is a world of difference between cheap and affordable.

There are two things that guarantee the success of a hardwood floor restoration project: extensive experience and excellent products. Contractors who extend cheap offers usually lack one or the other – and often both. This leads to less than perfect results that most likely will need a redo and cost more money. In the world of hardwood floors, choosing cheap is often your most expensive option.

So when we talk about offering you affordable prices, we do not mean using less than the best products and materials or rushing through the job. We do not mean sacrificing quality for the sake of bringing the hardwood flooring cost to impossibly low levels. What we mean is that we have honed our process to get the best results without unnecessary and costly detours.

There are many things that can go wrong during a hardwood flooring project. Chipping top coat, lap lines, uneven stains, bubbles in the finish – these are common events in the life of the inexperienced contractor. While they are part of each professional’s learning process, you do not want your contractor to use your floors, time and money to experiment and learn.

We cannot stress enough the importance of an experienced contractor in the success of your project. With more than 17 years of experience, a well-tested expertise and a strict policy of hiring only certified professionals, we know how to avoid potential problems and get it right the first time. We do not hire uncertified subcontractors – only our own employees do the work. This allows us to avoid mistakes, keep away from unnecessary extra costs, complete the project on time – and place our rates at the low end of the hardwood floor cost range.

Many times, a problem is smaller or bigger than it appears. For instance, it is possible that all your hardwood floors need in order to regain their old luster is a simple buff and coat treatment, which is about half the cost of a sand and finish job. Other times, you may hire a cheap contractor to buff and coat your floors, when in fact your planks need sanding and refinishing. Not knowing how to test the floor and how to identify the problem may lead to unnecessary work that costs you too much or insufficient work that ends up with the same old-looking floors.

Having spent almost two decades in the hardwood flooring trenches, we not only know what products deliver the best results or how to choose the best tools for the job, but also how to identify the problem so that we do only what is necessary – and all that is necessary. If you are dreaming of beautiful hardwood floors and want to see it happen without headaches or high costs, we may be just what you need.