What to Choose in 2016 – Wood Floor Trends as Seen by a Hardwood Flooring Company

What to Choose in 2016 – Wood Floor Trends as Seen by a Hardwood Flooring Company

Aside from a tendency towards lighter wood colors and a preference for satin sheen types, there are a few more hardwood floor trends that, we believe, are going to have a say in what homeowners will choose in 2016. From wood plank size to the eco-friendly character of reclaimed wood, here are a few of the trends that we have noticed as a hardwood flooring company based both in Milwaukee and Florida.

Wider Planks

There is a move in the hardwood floor market towards planks wider than the 5-inch standard. It is not uncommon to have customers asking for 7-inch wood planks (or wider), paired with extra plank length. Wide-width planks are indeed dramatic and an excellent choice when you want to showcase the color and grain of the wood. They make a room look bigger, more spacious and do not overwhelm the space. Hardwood floors made of wide planks have fewer seams, so the amount of debris accumulated in the spaces between planks is minimized. This makes your floors easier to clean and gives them a fresher look. Finally, a floor that consists of wide planks is faster to install, so your wood floor installation service company will spend less time (and effort) in your home.

Reclaimed Wood

Hardwood floors that come with a story seem to constantly sneak onto homeowners’ wish lists. Reclaimed wood may come from old structures such as homes or barns, and the recycled planks are an environmentally friendly alternative to new floors. They have a definite character, far from any cookie-cutter look. Reclaimed wood best showcases its beauty when it is paired with a matte hardwood floor coating, so that the sheen does not take away from the aged look of the wood.

Distressed Hardwood Floors

When reclaimed wood is too expensive and does not fit into your plans, distressed floors are a great alternative. Whether they are hand-scraped or machine-distressed, they give you a similar look for less money. Of course, homeowners are after floors with character. But the irresistible appeal of distressed floors comes from the fact that they hide scratches and dents very well, unlike smooth floors, where imperfections are not only visible, but easily noticeable. However, as a hardwood floor company, we have noticed that homeowners prefer floors that are subtly rather than heavily distressed.

Parquet Flooring

We also see a renewed interest in wood floor patterns, such as herringbone and chevron parquet patterns. But more sophisticated medallions, inlays and borders are used as a way of customizing hardwood floors and making a statement of originality. We believe that in 2016, wood floor medallion contractors will see homeowners more and more interested in their art and the way that this can help them create a unique space.

Solid Hardwood Finished On Site

Engineered wood has its well-known advantages and has become a favorite in the last years, but solid hardwood gives you more durability. Solid hardwood can be refinished many times and allows you to change the color of the planks, while engineered wood may limit your options and does not last as long. Solid hardwood floors that are finished on site have a smooth, apparently seamless look and are unique, customizable down to the smallest detail. A reputable hardwood flooring restoration company that still sees sanding and finishing as an art form can turn your floors into a splendid display of beauty. With today’s tendency to step away from mass-produced products and to infuse interiors with character, solid hardwood finished on site may see a revival in 2016.