Royal Wood Floors Makes Low-Cost Hardwood Floors an Option for Milwaukee Tight Budgets

Royal Wood Floors Makes Low-Cost Hardwood Floors an Option for Milwaukee Tight Budgets

Milwaukee company offers budget-friendly hardwood flooring restoration and installation services. Finding out more about how to install new or restore old hard wood floors to bring back their natural beauty is as easy as getting a free estimate to start.

Many homeowners do without hardwood floors or postpone necessary restorations because their tight budgets do not allow for what they consider a luxury project. Royal Wood Floors, a reputable Milwaukee hardwood flooring company, offers these customers low-cost, high-quality installation and restoration jobs.

royal-wood-floors-restore-floors“We know that high costs are the main disincentive for choosing or reviving hardwood floors,” says Keith Allman, founder and owner of Royal Wood Floors. “What allows us to offer affordable prices is our experience in the field. We know what works and what doesn’t, which means faster turn-out and no need to redo the job. This combination translates into lower-cost hardwood floor projects.”

Allman is fast to make the distinction between “affordable” and “cheap.” “While we work with our customers to fit hardwood floors into their tight budgets, we do not do cheap work,” he adds. “In fact, we advise homeowners to avoid low-ball offers, which are a dangerous option. What we do instead is place ourselves at the low end of the cost range for high-quality installation and restoration services, and do whatever is necessary – including working with DIY-ers and avoiding subcontractors – to ensure that a project is well-done and financially viable.”

The company warns homeowners about the dangers of hiring cheap contractors. During a hardwood flooring project, many things can go wrong, from blotchy stains and lap lines to chipping top coats and bubbles in the finish. Not investing in high-quality products and not knowing how to choose compatible products, what tools to use for the job or how to test a floor before work begins often lead to results that ask for a redo. Hiring cheap contractors turn easy jobs into long projects that are marred by conflict and frustration.

Having spent extensive time fixing the work of such contractors, the Milwaukee company stresses that unreasonably cheap labor is, in fact, the most expensive option. If homeowners want to lower the cost of refinishing hardwood floors, a better solution is a combination of DIY jobs and professional expertise. While Royal Wood Floors thinks that some projects are better left to professionals, its contractors understand the need for DIY projects and are ready to combine forces with homeowners when expertise is necessary, yet costs are a concern.
The Milwaukee company has another tip to share when it comes to lowering the price on hardwood flooring restoration projects. A good maintenance routine saves money on existing floors, and periodic buff-and-coat treatments help avoid the disturbance and expense of full sand-and-finish restoration projects.

This is a critical piece of information for business owners who are still skeptical about installing wood floors in commercial spaces. While their main concern is the need to periodically refinish or replace wood floors damaged by high traffic, such projects are not necessary if a strict maintenance routine is implemented. Using several coats of a high-quality finish and regular wood floor buff-and-coat services extends the life of hardwood floors and makes them an affordable option for commercial spaces.

For more information about this experienced and professional hardwood floor restoration company, or to schedule repairs by these wood floor refinishing contractors, or learn about custom wood styles or the company’s inlay and medallion installation services, phone Keith Allman at 727-267-2617.

Easy estimates and appointments are currently available through the company’s website, The company provides top craftsmanship and cares for many types of custom and domestic wood. Visit the company’s website for examples of previous work.