Royal Wood Floors Helps Home Owners in Milwaukee Understand More About Beech Wood and Birch for Flooring

Royal Wood Floors Helps Home Owners in Milwaukee Understand More About Beech Wood and Birch for Flooring

Milwaukee hard wood floor company educates home owners on Beech and Birch types of wood species that can be used successfully for flooring.

Royal Wood Floors specializes in hard wood floor refinishing and installing hard wood floors in the greater Milwaukee area and has been highly successful for over 15 years. “After servicing or installing a new floor, we make a point of providing the following as a special series of tips for every customer in order to ensure that their floors are protected and provide that stunning hard wood beauty for as long as possible”, says Keith Allman who owns Royal Wood Floors. He continues to say, “there are a variety of problems that can affect the beauty and life of hard wood floors and once these are isolated they can be handled properly so that the hard wood lasts for years the way it should”. “We feel that by educating the home owner they can be better equipped to tackle a project themselves or will know what to ask and expect when working with professionals”, he ends.

In many cases a wood floor that has lost its luster can be restored with a buff and coat project or a full restoration. The way to find out is to contact Royal Wood Floors and schedule a free estimate where their professionals will evaluate exactly what must be done to restore the hard wood floors natural beauty. In this article we examine Beech Wood & Birch Wood as types of material that can be used for beautiful and long lasting wood floors.

Beech Wood for Flooring

Beech wood floorsBeech in appearance is mostly reddish-brown in color. The sapwood is generally pale-white in color. Beech is mostly closed, straight in grain, fine and uniform in texture. American Beech is courser than European Beech. So you might want to ask your hard wood flooring specialist to see samples of both when thinking about making a purchase. The dimensional stability of Beech wood is below average. When nailing Beech wood down to the sub-floor, it has a tendency to split the tongues. If you already have Beech wood flooring it can be sanded satisfactorily if the correct sanding procedure is followed. The Beech wood species for flooring is readily available and can be used with good results. However, it doesn’t stain well. The origin of this breed of wood species is from North America primarily. There are some European types.

Birch Wood for Flooring

birch wood flooringThe appearance of “yellow” Birch wood, sapwood is creamy yellow or pale white. The heartwood is light reddish-brown, tinged with red. In Sweet Birch, sapwood is light colored and heartwood is dark brown, tinged with red. It has a medium figured, straight, closed grain with an even texture. It can have an occasional curly grain or wavy figure in some floor boards. Yellow Birch, Sweet Birch and Paper Birch are available for flooring in this species. Paper Birch is softer and lower in weight and strength than Yellow or Sweet Birch. Yellow Birch is most commonly used for wood flooring. The boards can vary greatly in grain and color, so be sure to choose the boards you like for your floors. It has an average dimensional stability and has no known nailing problems. You can sand Birch just fine as long as the correct sanding sequences are followed. You may have difficulty staining this species of wood. It is primarily from North America and it is readily available.

These types of wood species are both very workable for use in creating beautiful and long lasting floors.
“The best way to make sure that your hard wood floors are protected and as beautiful as they naturally can be, is to always do the research first or seek professional help. The types of wood species such as the ones described here can be used to create beautiful and long lasting hard wood floors,” says Allman.

For more information about this experienced and professional hardwood floor restoration and new installation company, or to schedule repairs by these wood floor refinishing contractors, or learn about custom wood styles or the company’s inlay and medallion installation services, phone Keith Allman at 727-267-2617.

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