Milwaukee Hardwood Flooring Specialty Services


The Best Milwaukee Hardwood Flooring Specialist Announces Its Specialty Services

Royal Wood Floors, an experienced Milwaukee hardwood flooring specialist, announced that it is expanding its specialty services like installation of inlays and medallions. The company states that its continued growth throughout the region allows it to expand certain services.

Hardwood floors require substantial care and installing embellishments, such as medallions and inlays can significantly increase the aesthetics of a wood floor. In addition, this Milwaukee hardwood flooring specialist is an expert in preventative care, maintenance, and revitalization of hardwood flooring. Royal Wood Floors offers exceptional buffing, refinishing, sand and finish, and even more care services for hardwood surfaces. The company also offers border installation and sells a variety of flooring and care products.

Keith Allman, Royal Wood Floors founder, states that there is a big difference when choosing a Milwaukee hardwood flooring specialist and general contractor or even a “handyman”. Mr. Allman advises homeowners, business owners, and investment property owners to be careful when dealing with some Milwaukee wood floor refinishing companies.

Allman suggests that getting a competent, experienced hardwood floor specialist can prove difficult as there are individuals and companies presenting themselves as experts, but are not well-versed in the trade.

Homeowners, business owners, and real property investors should always expect a detailed and thorough quote with an itemization. Companies which only give a general figure might be hiding costs to the consumer.

Hardwood flooring is very sturdy and long lasting. However, there are certain signs that refinishing might be necessary to recapture its natural beauty. Scratches, dents, and gouges will be most noticeable after cleaning. In addition, rugs which are sticking to the surface might cause damage that could involve refinishing.

In addition, Mr. Allman states that an experienced hardwood specialist will always check for moisture, and properly calculate the necessary time for acclimatizing when a new floor is to be installed. It’s also a wise policy to have a thorough look at the subfloor, as this will help to determine how the flooring will be laid and any repairs which might be necessary prior to installation.

Royal Wood Floors is committed to doing the best job the first time around and warns that rushing a hardwood floor install or refinishing is highly likely to result in unnecessary mistakes–some of which might immediately manifest, while others can take weeks or even months to appear.