Stains and Wrinkling Are Problems with Hard Wood Floors but Royal Wood Floors Provides the Causes and Cures

Stains and Wrinkling Are Problems with Hard Wood Floors but Royal Wood Floors Provides the Causes and Cures

Royal Wood Floors continues to cover hard wood floor problems and cures so that Milwaukee home owners can keep their hard wood floors beautiful – Series 14

Royal Wood Floors specializes in hard wood floor refinishing and installing hard wood floors in the greater Milwaukee area and has been highly successful for over 15 years. “After servicing or installing a new floor, we make a point of providing the following as a special series of tips for every customer in order to ensure that their floors are protected and provide that stunning hard wood beauty for as long as possible”, says Keith Allman who owns Royal Wood Floors. He continues to say, “there are a variety of problems that can affect the beauty and life of hard wood floors and once these are isolated they can be handled properly so that the hard wood lasts for years the way it should”. Different types of hard wood floor damage can often times be dealt with through hard wood floor restorations. In this article we want to discuss problems such as Stains that discolor the wood floor boards and what is called Wrinkling to better educate the homeowners that want to keep their hard wood floors beautiful and long lasting.


hard-wood-floor-stainsStains are basically discoloration on an area of the hard wood floor. This can be caused by spilled liquids, pets, residue from improper cleaners that have been used or continual moisture leading to mildew (black), decay (brown or white) or alkaline conditions (white).

There is a cure for this type of problem. A cloudy surface finish can be fixed by lightly rubbing with a proper cleaner and then buffing, although some stains require abrading/screening and re-coating. Pet stains frequently require that the boards are totally removed and replaced with new ones. For moisture problems, eliminate the source of the moisture, and then evaluate the condition of the flooring before deciding on the right course of action.


hard-wood-floor-wrinklingOnce the finish starts to dry it takes on the appearance of the skin of a dried prune. Wrinkling may happen with all types of floor finish, but is more likely to occur with oil-modified polyurethane.

There can be multiple causes for this problem. A coat of finish applied over the top of a previous coat that has not dried or cured sufficiently enough for re-coating is one of them. Solvent in the applied coat softening the layer beneath, such that when the newly applied finish coat starts to dry, it begins to move along with the coat below, causing wrinkling. A finish coat applied in excess can also cause this, creating puddles with also create a problem. Watch out for a floor to cold for any application, such as over a cold crawl space. Another cause of this type of problem is an incomplete finish applied over another finish, such as a conversion varnish over waterborne or an oil-modified polyurethane finish.

This problem can be cured. Small affected areas should be scraped down carefully to a dry surface, allowed to dry/cure further and the transition sanded smooth before touching up and re-coating. When large areas are affected, it is best to re-sand the floor before re-coating (be careful with sanding dust from fresh coats of oil-modified polyurethane, which is extremely combustible). When applying a finish, use the recommended spread rate for the product being applied and be sure that the ambient temperatures of both the floor and the air are at the recommended temperatures. Note that hard wood floors do not heat up instantly when the heat gets turned on. It’s best to turn up the heat a few days before starting a job. Cold crawl spaces can also be a serious problem. If needed, allow more dry/cure time to take place between each coat of finish.

“The best way to prevent problems is to always do the research first or seek professional help. Then problems such as the ones described here can be prevented,” says Allman.

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