Royal Wood Floors Helps Milwaukee Home Owners Troubleshoot Hard Wood Floor Refinishing

Royal Wood Floors Helps Milwaukee Home Owners Troubleshoot Hard Wood Floor Refinishing

Milwaukee hard wood floor company helps educate home owners on troubleshooting problems with hard wood floor finishes after the restoration process.

Royal Wood Floors specializes in hard wood floor refinishing and installing hard wood floors in the greater Milwaukee area and has been highly successful for over 15 years. “After servicing or installing a new floor, we make a point of providing the following as a special series of tips for every customer in order to ensure that their floors are protected and provide that stunning hard wood beauty for as long as possible”, says Keith Allman who owns Royal Wood Floors. He continues to say, “there are a variety of problems that can affect the beauty and life of hard wood floors and once these are isolated they can be handled properly so that the hard wood lasts for years the way it should”. “We feel that by educating the home owner they can be better equipped to tackle a project themselves or will know what to ask and expect when working with professionals”, he ends.

Troubleshooting Hard Wood Floor Finishes

hard wood fdloor refinishingExcessive and yearly wear is an important to know as much as you can. Yearly wear is a problem. It is typically caused by improper floor maintenance that fails to remove grit from the floor, or the introduction of water or strong cleaners. Pet nails and unprotected furniture legs also contribute to the problem. Proper maintenance requires regular dust-mopping with an approved wood floor cleaner. If re-coating is necessary then you might want to consult a professional floor company.
Floor discoloration can occur. Oil modified finishes will amber in appearance and will yellow further over time. Wood in direct sunlight will change in color and lighten over time. Re-coating an oil-modified finish re-coated with water-based finish will not stop ambering. Shading the floor can minimize lightening. Wood also changes color through oxidation. Stains can also be a problem. Spilled water, pet stains and other liquids, including improper cleaners, can stain finish. Cloudy surface finish can be fixed by lightly rubbing with a proper cleaner and buffing, although some stains require screening and re-coating. During a refinishing process, some boards may need to be replaced.

Floor roughness is a problem sometimes when troubleshooting finishes. The cause is often contamination of the finish during its drying time, as well as by failure to screen or abrade between coats of water-borne finish. Moisture can also cause wood grain to rise. If a moisture problem is evident, this must be corrected before screening and re-coating. Sometimes a complete re-sanding job is necessary.

hard wood floor refinishingSometimes there are uneven gloss levels after refinishing the floor. This would be due to insufficient mixing of the finish prior to the application. In this case, also, a contaminated finish applicator and un-even sanding or finish thickness can be culprits. All of these situations can require screening and re-coating. Sometimes you can see peeling and bubbles. Bubbles and blisters in the finish, usually mean that the floor was not screened or sufficiently cleaned between coats of finish, or the finish was over worked during the application, or the soap or some other contaminate was not properly removed before coating the floor. It can also be caused by the floor drying too fast as a result of hot spots from sunlight. Problems in the top most finish coat can be screened and re-coated, while cases of delamination require complete sanding and refinishing.

“The best way to make sure that your hard wood floors are protected and as beautiful as they naturally can be, is to always do the research first or seek professional help. Then problems such as the ones described here can be prevented,” says Allman.

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