Milwaukee Hardwood Flooring Restoration Company Explains the Buffing and Coating Process


Buffing and coating is a fast, non-disruptive and affordable way of keeping hardwood floors in top shape.

Milwaukee-based hardwood flooring company Royal Wood Floors is on a mission to let homeowners in on the secret behind beautiful hardwood floors: a regular buffing and coating routine. The company has saved many hardwood floors from becoming contenders for costly sanding jobs and has spared homeowners lots of money by one simple method: using screening and recoating as a way to make wood planks last longer. Screening and recoating, also known as buffing and coating, is a wood floor restoration technique that involves removing part of the floor sealer and replenishing this protective layer with a new coat of polyurethane. If done periodically, usually every 3 to 5 years, this affordable technique dramatically extends the life of hardwood floors by saving them from unnecessary sanding.

“The difference between sanding and buffing is simple, yet important,” explains Keith Allman, the owner of Royal Wood Floors. “Sanding removes the stain and the worn part of the wood. Buffing removes only the worn part of the finish. By sparing the wood planks and sealing them underneath a new coat of polyurethane, the buff-and-coat treatment prevents further damage and lengthens the life of the planks by postponing the next sanding session.”

There are other reasons to set up a regular buffing and coating routine. The process is much cheaper than a full sand-and-finish job, helping homeowners save up to half of the cost of refinishing hardwood floors. Yet the best part is the fast, non-disruptive process. If a sanding and refinishing project takes days for completing and forces families to temporarily move out of the house, buffing and coating is a fairly simple process that lasts a day and does not turn homes into dust-covered, uninhabitable places. The furniture must be moved out to allow the wood floor refinishers to work on the entire surface of the floor, but this is as disruptive as the process gets. The day the project is scheduled, the contractors show up at the door with a buffer machine, which is an engine-powered rotating disk at the end of a stick. They prepare the floor by removing protruding nails, staples or traces of paint (in case this is part of a larger remodeling project) and by vacuuming and mopping the floor. After this preparatory step, the wood floor buff and coat professionals start removing part of the polyurethane finish by moving the buffer in circular motions all across the perimeter of the room. While a lot of dust is created during this procedure, a vacuum hose is usually attached to the buffer, which can turn buffing into an almost dust-free process. Another round of vacuuming and cleaning follows, after which the floor is ready and properly abraded to receive the new coat of polyurethane. One coat of finish is usually applied using a T-bar, but homeowners can choose more coats if they want additional protection. However, more coats of polyurethane may extend the project into another day, since screening is necessary between coats and each coat must be allowed to dry. Localized buffing and coating is possible, either restricted to a room or an area of a room, but may yield unpredictable results and is not recommended by Royal Wood Floors.

“All that homeowners have to do is wait 24 hours before they walk on the floors, a few days before they move their furniture back, and a month before bringing in the rugs,” adds Allman. “In one day, the floor turns from old-looking to new and shiny. It is a good feeling to be able to create such a dramatic change in such a short time.” Royal Wood Floors offers one of the best hardwood floor buff and coat costs to Milwaukee residents and to those in its suburban areas.

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