Milwaukee Hardwood Flooring Company Warns Homeowners Against Postponing Buff-and-Coat Projects


Royal Wood Floors explains how inexpensive buff-and-coat services can save the beauty of hardwood floors and why it is hard to believe it.

hard-wood-floor-care-royal-wood-floorsRoyal Wood Floors, a Milwaukee wood floor restoration company, is bent on explaining the value of buffing and coating to more homeowners. During its 17 years of activity, the company has compiled a long list of completed hardwood floors restoration projects and has enhanced the look of many floors all across Milwaukee and its suburban areas with spectacular medallions and inlays. However, its professionals say that buffing and coating is what they would like their customers to understand better. The reason is simple. Buffing and coating is the one maintenance step essential to the longevity and beauty of wood floors. As hardwood floor enthusiasts, the company’s contractors are faced too many times with damage that could have been easily prevented by a simple, fast and affordable buff-and-coat routine.

“Hardwood floors are covered with a protective polyurethane coat that stops water, scratches and dirt to get to the wood,” explains Keith Allman, the company owner. “In time, constant friction causes this layer to wear off and expose the wood. To stop the damage from getting to the wood, it is important to replenish the finish coat before this happens.”

Buffing and coating do just that. The wood floor refinisher uses a buffer to remove part of this protective layer, then applies a new coat of polyurethane. The buffing or screening part is important because the finish needs an abraded surface to which to adhere. Buffing also removes the imperfections in the old polyurethane layer. If not removed, these imperfections get trapped and are highlighted underneath the new finish coat. The problem comes from the fact that damages to the protective layer are not always obvious. Even when the polyurethane becomes so thin that it stops protecting the wood planks properly, the floor may still look in good shape. However, looks are deceiving. Royal Wood Floors advises homeowners to plan their buff-and-coat projects by the calendar rather than by how visible the damage is. “Hiring wood floor buff and coat services when wood planks look great is a bit counter intuitive,” adds Allman. “It is hard to tell homeowners to spend money on fixing things that don’t seem to need fixing, when other projects can give them more dramatic before-and-after results. But it is important to look at buffing and coating as an inexpensive preventative measure that spares hardwood floor owners of costly repairs down the road. As usual, prevention beats fixing.”

When wood floor refinishing contractors remind homeowners that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, the proportions are just about right. Buffing and coating is a fairly affordable project that costs much less than a sanding and refinishing job, sometimes slashing the price of the latter in half. Unfortunately, a sanding and refinishing project is the last resort for homeowners who ignore the necessary buffing and coating maintenance routine.

Royal Wood Floors urges homeowners to make buffing and coating part of their maintenance plans. Postponing this measure is dangerous for the fate of any hardwood floor. Homeowners should treat their floors to a buff-and-coat facelift every 3 to 5 years. However, high-traffic areas such as kitchens or hallways can greatly benefit from yearly treatments. The company is proud to offer one of the best hardwood floor buff and coat costs in the Milwaukee area.

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