Milwaukee Company Explains How to Choose the Right Hardwood Floors


Hardwood floors should be chosen according to three criteria – location, lifestyle and decorating style.

Choosing the right hardwood floors is not an easy decision, nor a cheap one. Royal Wood floors of Milwaukee, a hardwood flooring restoration company that has helped many homeowners go through this complicated decision process, is trying to make it easier by giving its customers a few tips. “When it comes to hardwood floors, what works for others may not work for you,” says Keith Allman, the owner of the company. “It comes down to your lifestyle and to what the hardwood floors are expected to withstand. It is also about where the wood floors are installed and what works best with each specific decor. It is no wonder that homeowners are overwhelmed when they finally have to choose the hardwood floors they will live with for a long time.”

royal-wood-floors-milwaukee-hard-wood-floorsFirst, the specific location of the floors is important in deciding whether homeowners should choose solid wood or engineered wood. Engineered wood floors are more permissive with humidity and changes in temperature, especially if they are floated and can readjust themselves when expanding. This makes them the perfect choice for basements, kitchens and bathrooms, where higher humidity may be a problem.

Second, homeowners should evaluate each hardwood floor option in terms of their family’s lifestyle. Kids, pets or high traffic are all factors that require tougher woods, which means hardwood species that rate higher on the Janka hardness scale. Machine-distressed or hand-scraped boards hide damage well, while light hardwood floors camouflage dust and debris better than dark ones. Third, the style of the house often dictates a certain type of wood floors. For example, bamboo looks best in a modern setting; lavish walnut floors, with their deep chocolate color, have a spectacular presence in traditional homes. A darker stain or wood species gives a home a sense of sophistication, but if the windows do not allow for a good amount of light, dark floors may turn the room into a gloomy space. After choosing the hardwood species and the type of boards (solid wood or engineered wood), homeowners have to make another style decision, regarding the width of the planks. Wider planks make a large room look even larger. They have fewer seams, which means that less debris gets trapped between the boards. However, narrow boards look great as part of a customized parquet, which, along with hardwood floor medallions, inlays and borders, seems to make a comeback this year. Finally, the grain of the wood defines the character of the floor. A more pronounced grain, with visible knots and changes in color from one board to another complements rustic decors, while clean-grain boards are more appropriate in contemporary homes. If homeowners are confused by too many choices, Royal Wood Floors advises them to bring home a few sample boards that will help them visualize better the final result. Evaluating the possible choices against the decor, furniture and chromatic palette of the house before hiring wood floor installation services goes a long way in avoiding costly mistakes or changes of heart.

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