Low Cost, Professional-Grade Wood Floor Restoration Services


Royal Wood Floors provides Low Cost and Highly Professional Grade Wood Floor Restoration Services

Refinishing wood floors does not have to be an expensive and time consuming proposition. With the help of this Milwaukee-based company, wood floors are given new, long lasting life at an affordable price.

For homeowners, business owners and income property owners needing an affordable wood floor installation service, there is only one smart option. Proper installation and maintenance is also imperative to extending the life of hardwood, particularly in high trafficked properties. With regular care, wood flooring can last decades and now, there’s a service that puts customer education and satisfaction first.

Royal Wood Floors believes in building long-lasting relationships, keeping its customer’s wants and needs in-mind.

Hardwood Floor Care

To extend time between refinishing wood floors, there are some simple steps property owners can take. First and foremost is regularly sweeping and vacuuming, Keith Allman, head of the company, reminds home and business owners. In addition, pet nails should be kept neatly trimmed. It’s also advisable to use a humidifier to keep moisture levels from causing warp age.

Knowing When It’s Time for Restoration

It’s not difficult to determine when it’s time for a wood floor restoration. Look for nails sticking out or warped planks. Deep scratches are another sign, as are floors where the finish is dull. Stained floors or floors with water damage are candidates for refinishing.

Homeowners and Business Wwners with Hardwood Flooring Needs

Contact this service provider for a free assessment and estimate. The company states a professional evaluation might reveal unknown problems. Proper care of wood flooring is the key to increasing a property’s value, especially when it comes to resale. The company points out that wood flooring, when properly maintained, can last several decades, even generations. Its durability is unmatched, and it does not require replacement for small problems, unlike carpets and tile. It is also superior in that it does not trap dust or allergens. Hardwood provides a sense of warmth and continuity of space in a property. It does not mat or fray like carpeting and does not require grout cleaning.