Insects Can Damage Hard Wood Floors But Here is How To Spot It and Cure The Problem

Insects Can Damage Hard Wood Floors But Here is How To Spot It and Cure The Problem

Royal Wood Floors continues to cover hard wood floor problems and cures so that Milwaukee home owners can keep their hard wood floors beautiful – Series 6

Royal Wood Floors specializes in hard wood floor refinishing and installing hard wood floors in the greater Milwaukee area and has been highly successful for over 15 years. “After servicing or installing a new floor, we make a point of providing the following as a special series of tips for every customer in order to ensure that their floors are protected and provide that stunning hard wood beauty for as long as possible”, says Keith Allman who owns Royal Wood Floors. He continues to say, “there are a variety of problems that can affect the beauty and life of hard wood floors and once these are isolated they can be handled properly so that the hard wood lasts for years the way it should”. Different types of hard wood floor damage can often times be dealt with through hard wood floor restorations. It is important that residents be educated on it. In this article we want to discuss issues caused by Insects to better educate the homeowners that want to keep their hard wood floors beautiful and long lasting.


insect-damageA sagging surface or small fresh holes surrounded by a halo of fine dust or small holes appearing in the surface of the flooring. If the surface of the flooring is sagging, it is likely termites have created eating corridors beneath the surface. Termites are white or cream colored. If fresh holes, often surrounded by a light powder, about 1/16 – inch wide are found, Powderpost (lyctid) Beetles are probably the cause. Small holes that are present at the time of installation or appear at a later date may be evidence of pinworms, which are often misidentified as Powderpost Beetles.

Almost all wood flooring is kiln dried, and proper kiln drying will kill any insects and larvae in the wood. However, new material quickly may become infested by insects entering through windows, in fire wood etc., and the life cycle from eggs to live insects is very short. Also, check all surroundings for infested wood molding and furniture. Especially products made out of Bamboo, Mesquite or Ash. For termites, a professional exterminator should eliminate the insects. Then any structural damage should be repaired. Damaged floor boards should be pulled and replaced. Termite infestation is not related to wood flooring manufacturing or installation as it is a site-specific condition. For Powderpost Beetles, determine the extent of the contamination, and then remove and replace floor boards as necessary.

Or if only a few holes are found, just fill them. If further evidence of insect contamination occurs on a later date then you can follow some of the instructions outlined in this article. “Royal Wood Floors makes every effort to educate the home owner on how to better care for their wood flooring”, says Allman. Note that holes appearing on the surface of the wood, surrounded by a thin halo of powder (frass) indicate the end of a life cycle. The insect has bored out of the wood to fly and mate. Filling the hole may prevent recurrence, as the insect once mated, will not be able to return to the bore hole to lay eggs. Powderpost Beetles do not mate and re-populate in the wood and their life cycle is fairly short. Generally 3 to 6 months. All Oak flooring grades allow the presence of pinworm holes in the presence of flooring boards. When flooring containing pinworms is sanded and finished, sanding dust sanding dust and/or filler sift into the holes. As the finish is applied, a film is formed over the holes. With wear, the film breaks and the pinworm holes are revealed. They often are about the size of Powderpost Beetle emergence holes and sometimes are mistaken for real infestations. Pinworms only occur in the living tree and they can typically be identified by examining the hole with a magnifying glass for the presence of finish and filler within the hole.

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