How and Why Royal Wood Floors Brings Value to Every Hardwood Floor Customer


One of the greatest things about hardwood flooring in a home or a business is its longevity and ability to be rejuvenated as it gets worn. Unlike carpet, which must be torn up and replaced, hardwood is super resilient. It also substantially outperforms tile, because it can be refinished. When tile is damaged, it‘s quite difficult to replace it with an exact match and it‘s usually the case that other tiles around the broken one will be damaged during replacement.

Hardwood flooring, on the other hand, is a thing of generational beauty. It lasts for many decades. Some homes, businesses, and even historical structures have original hardwood that dates back many, many decades. With regular care and occasional professional maintenance, hardwood retains its inherent beauty, complete with its distinct grain.

Royal Wood Floors: Bringing Value to Every Hardwood Floor Customer

The care of hardwood is something that can be quite expensive. Royal Wood Floors, however, understands the value of their customers and cares about their customers‘ homes, businesses, and investment properties. It‘s well understood that hardwood flooring itself has intrinsic value, because it‘s often one of the biggest selling features of a property. Whether its a home listed for sale, an empty office space that‘s being shown to new business tenants, or an investment property being shown to potential renters, if hardwood doesn‘t look its best, the deal won‘t go through.

The good news is that the vast majority of hardwood floors can be saved. With a refinishing or buff and coat, a floor can look new again and really serve to impress. What‘s great about this is it doesn‘t require the amount of labor and materials that installation entails. Refinishing or buffing and coating cost a fraction of the price of installation.