Buffing & Coating Services Might Be What You Need to Bring Your Wood Floors Back to Life

Buffing & Coating Services Might Be What You Need to Bring Your Wood Floors Back to Life

Royal Wood Floors continues to save home and business owners money and help restore the beauty back into their hard wood floors.

Royal Wood Floors specializes in hard wood floor refinishing and installing hard wood floors and tile, and has done so in the Milwaukee, WI area as a highly successful hard wood flooring business for more than 15 years. “After servicing or installing a new floor, we make a point of providing the following as a special series of to ensure that their floors are protected and provide that stunning hard wood beauty for as long as possible”, says Keith Allman who owns Royal Wood Floors. He continues to say, “Often times we can save home owners a lot of money by restoring their floors back to their beautiful natural condition without having to replace the wood floor altogether”. “We feel that by educating the home owner they can be better equipped to care for their wood floors so that buffing and coating or simple restorations are all that is needed. And many times we can save you money with a standard Buff & Coat project to restore the beauty”, he ends.

What is Early Finish Wear?

finish wear on a wood floorThis is the appearance of too much wear on a relatively new finish. There are multiple causes for this that can include improper maintenance procedures that may include a failure to remove grit from the floors surface, using water to clean the floor or using very strong cleaners on the floor. Pet nails and chair legs may contribute to this problem. This could also be caused during the construction process. Applying finish over the top of coats that have not has enough time to “gas-off” and dry will result in an improper cure as well. Improper sanding procedures can cause this as well, when the wood floor is left too rough. This will make it where the finish will accumulate in the bottoms of the grooves of the floor, leaving too little coverage on the peaks of the wood. This is where the finish will wear through and this may also give the appearance of ridges in the flooring.

The cure is to institute proper maintenance procedures, including regular vacuuming and dust mopping, using an approved wood floor cleaner. Use throw rugs at each entry way and use good floor protectors under the legs of furniture. If the cause was improper sanding, then you will need to re-sand the floor using the proper grit sequence and then re-coat the floor properly. If the finish is not worn through then you might be able to buff and coat the floor or simply re-coat. This is where it’s good to have a professional like Royal Wood Floors come out and have a look at it for you.

Buffing & Coating Your Wood Floors will Bring Back the Beauty. If the top coat of your wood floor is ok, you may not need to get down to the wood. The scratches on your floor may be superficial, at the top coat level and only in need for buffing.

refinishing a beautiful wood floorTo find out what the condition of your finish is. Simply place some droplets of water on the worn-looking part of the wood. If the droplets bead up, your finish is fine. If they soak into the floor, your top coat is compromised and buffing is not enough. Make sure you determine first whether your floors are waxed, since wax may turn this test irrelevant. Sometimes, although the sealer is still intact, buffing is not enough. When the damage goes deep into the top coat, removing just part of the protective finish will not prevent the new top coat from showing the deeper damage. In fact, it may just highlight the imperfections. This means that sanding may be your best solution. You should buff and re-coat your hardwood floors before you actually see damages. While it is perfectly normal for the top coat to wear over time, it is best to tackle the damage before it gets to the wood. Sometimes, even if your hardwood floors look in good shape, you may notice small areas where the finish has lost its luster, like in front of the kitchen sink or the entrance door. This is a good sign that your floors need some attention, so call your buff and coat professional and get to work. The good news is that buffing and coating is a fast process that, depending on how large the area is, may be done in half a day. Make buffing and coating part of your normal maintenance routine in order to keep extend the life and beauty of your hardwood floors. How often should you do it? A new top coat can make your floors shine for a 3-5 years, but it all depends on how the floors are treated. In high-traffic areas, an annual buffing and coating regimen is a good idea. In less used areas such as a guest room, making buffing a once-in-a-decade event may be enough.

“The best way to prevent problems is to always do the research first or seek professional help. Then problems such as the ones described here can be prevented,” says Allman.

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