Beautiful Flooring Using Maple Hardwood

Beautiful Flooring Using Maple Hardwood

Maple Hardwood: Beautiful Flooring that’s Durable, Long Lasting, and Ideal for Commercial or Residential Applications

Maple hardwood is one of three of the most popular types of flooring. Along with oak and ash, maple gets its beauty from a somewhat unique feature, in that, it has more color variation. However, Maple contains smaller knots in the wood and is approximately 12 percent denser or harder than red oak. Its primary application is commercial and athletic use, being found in places such as school gymnasiums and bowling alleys.

Ranging in width from 3-1/4″ wide up to 4″, 5″ or 6″ widths, this great looking hardwood can also be used in residential homes and offices. Some retail establishments have Maple because it can easily withstand heavy foot traffic, and its resistance to marring.

Royal Wood Floors provides installation and care of this species, including Maple hardwood floor restoration and Maple hardwood floor refinishing. The company provides affordable, quality Maple wood floor refinishing. It likewise offers Maple floor restoration services to the Milwaukee area and beyond.

The Maple species not only features hardness and resistance to marring and indentation; it is long lasting flooring, lasting well over 100yrs. This hardwood flooring lasts from generation to generation. It also has ecological benefits in Wisconsin and other localities such as Nova Scotia, Quebec and southern Ontario, southeastern Manitoba, and Minnesota. Reference Aacer Mills in Wisconsin that is a milling company we use.

There are two kinds of Maple, hard and soft. Six of the most common soft species are Big leaf Maple known scientifically as Acer macrophyllum, Box Elder known scientifically as Acer negundo, Red Maple known scientifically as Acer rubrum, Silver Maple known scientifically as Acer saccharinum, and, Striped Maple known scientifically as Acer pensylvanicum. Two types of hard Maple are Sugar and Rock and are known scientifically as Acer saccharum. Hard maple is the source from which maple syrup comes.

Maple makes a great choice of flooring in different places. Keith Allman is an experienced professional in the installation and care of all types of hardwood flooring. His company is the leading provider of wood floor solutions in the Milwaukee area and offers competitive pricing for exceptional work.

Royal Wood Floors deals with a Wisconsin-based milling company, Aacer Flooring. It, primarily manufactures hard maple and northern red oak strip flooring but also offers cherry, yellow birch, northern ash, white oak, red birch, hickory, Peshtigo River cherry and northern steamed beech. All the flooring is manufactured in a unique environmentally controlled facility. The moisture content of the wood is carefully controlled through each step of the manufacturing process – even during storage. The result is environmentally stable, top quality flooring,” the milling company’s website states.

For more information about Maple or other hardwood species and installation and maintenance services, contact Royal Wood Floors at 727-267-2617.