7 Advantages of Buffing and Coating Hardwood Floors, as Seen by Royal Wood Floors of Milwaukee

7 Advantages of Buffing and Coating Hardwood Floors, as Seen by Royal Wood Floors of Milwaukee

Buffing and coating is an easy and cost-effective way of giving hardwood floors a new face. Find out about the 7 benefits you should know in this article.

Royal Wood Floors, a hardwood flooring restoration company with an impeccable reputation in the Milwaukee area, never misses an opportunity to emphasize the importance of buffing and coating treatments. During their 17 years of working in the field, the company’s contractors had plenty of chances to prove how a simple buff-and-coat job is the one beauty treatment that helps homeowners save money and preserve the looks of their hardwood floors.

“When installing hardwood floors, a protective polyurethane layer is applied on top of the planks,” explains Keith Allman, the owner of the company. This top coat keeps the damage away from the wood, but ends up losing its luster and good looks in time. “A periodic buff-and-coat job removes this old hardwood floor coating and replaces it with a new one, making floors look like new.

Royal Wood Floors is on a mission to warn homeowners against the dangers of ignoring the state of this protective top coat. If the polyurethane layer is not in good shape, the damage can get to the wood, which means that the floors cannot be restored without an expensive and involved sand-and-finish job. In order to explain the importance of buffing and coating, also known as screening and recoating, the Milwaukee hardwood flooring company put together a list meant to capture the advantages of such periodic treatments.

1. Buffing and coating procedures restore the beauty of hardwood floors. Provided that no damage has traveled to the wood planks, a buff-and-coat job returns floors to their old luster by refreshing their top layer. If the protective layer is in good shape, it allows the beauty of the wood underneath to shine.

2. Simple screening and recoating jobs preserve the color and character of hardwood floors. Because only the top coat is removed, the stain is left intact. Any other special wood treatment – such as distressed or hand-scraped floors – remains untouched.

3. Periodic buff-and-coat jobs make sanding unnecessary. A few coats of a high-quality polyurethane seal the floor, make the damage stop at the level of the protective layer and keep sanding jobs at bay.

4. A well-maintained buffing and coating routine extends the life of hardwood floors. ¬Wood floors can only be sanded a limited number of times, after which the planks become so thin that costly replacement is necessary. Avoiding sanding jobs by making sure the protective coat is intact means that hardwood floors are around for longer.

5. Buffing and coating projects create less disruption. Sanding and refinishing the floors is a messy process, during which the house is filled with noise, dust and fumes, which makes it an unpleasant – even toxic – place to live. The buffing and coating procedure is a much simpler, dust-free job that does not require the whole family to move out.

6. Buffing and coating jobs are done in one day. Unlike a refinishing project that requires a few days in order to complete an involved list of sanding, staining and sealing jobs, and a few more weeks to allow the floors to cure, a buffing and coating project is as close as it gets to offering instant gratification.

7. It is a cost-effective maintenance measure. Royal Wood Floor estimates that a buff-and-coat treatment can save homeowners up to 50 percent of a full sand-and-finish project. The best way to avoid the high cost of refinishing hardwood floors is to make sure that the top coat always remains in excellent shape.

Royal Wood Floors advises homeowners to hire wood floor buff and coat services every few years (even yearly for high-traffic areas) and not to wait until the damage is evident. By then, the top coat may already be dangerously thin, making the wood more susceptible to damage, and a simple screening job may not be enough.

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