5 Signs That Show It Is Time for a Hardwood Floor Buff and Coat Project


Milwaukee wood floor restoration company advises homeowners not to ignore these signs if they want to avoid big restoration projects down the road.

While installing hardwood floors is an important milestone in the life of any homeowner, the work does not end when the wood floor installation contractors are gone. In order to keep the new boards in perfect shape, periodic maintenance treatments are necessary. Royal Wood Floors, a Milwaukee-based hardwood flooring company that helps homeowners revive and maintain the beauty of their floors affordably, explains that buff and coat jobs are the one treatment that can bring the old shine back without shortening the life of hardwood floors and before the boards require big restoration costs.

“If wood floors are given the buff and coat treatment every few years, chances are that they will not have to meet a sanding machine very soon,” says Keith Allman, the owner of the company. “After the daily or weekly cleaning and maintenance routine, buffing and coating is the next best step in making sure your financial investment does not turn into a financial burden in a matter of years.”

So what is buffing and coating? Also known as screen and recoat, a buff and coat project consists of removing part of the worn polyurethane layer and applying a new coat of sealer. Provided that the wood underneath is in good shape, this gives the floor a brand new finish coat through which the beauty of the wood is entirely visible.
Because it is important to buff and coat the floors before the damage caused by daily wear and tear gets to the wood, Royal Wood Floors provides its customers with a list of five signs to look for when deciding when to hire buff and coat services.

1. Superficial scratches, scuffs and scrapes are good reasons to screen and recoat, even if they don’t seem to have affected the wood underneath. They take away from the beauty of the wood and can turn into bigger problems if not addressed periodically.

2. A white, cloudy surface may suggest a worn top layer due to water, alcohol or other foreign substance that damages the sealer. By buffing away the compromised area, the buff and coat professionals can uncover the beauty of the floor underneath.

3. Visible traffic patterns are unsightly indicators that the sealer is wearing off, threatening to expose the wood boards underneath to damage. Replenishing the polyurethane coat is not only an aesthetic fix, but also a perfect way to prevent further deterioration.

4. A top coat that lost its shine is the result of daily friction and traffic. It is a sign that the top sealer is thinning while doing its job of protecting the wood underneath.

5. Three years passed since the last buff and coat project. Even if the floors appear to be in good shape, looks can be deceiving. The protective coat is inevitably getting thinner due to everyday use, so it is a good idea to buff and coat before any damage is visible. In the case of high traffic areas such as kitchens and hallways, the wood floor buff and coat contractors should treat the floors on a yearly basis.

Royal Wood Floors advises homeowners to follow a strict buff and coat schedule, so that the floors are protected at all times by a strong finish coat. The company offers affordable wood floor screen and recoat services and a guarantee of excellent results backed up by 17 years of successful activity.

For more information about this experienced and professional hardwood floor restoration company, or to schedule repairs by these wood floor refinishing contractors, or learn about custom wood styles or the company’s inlay and medallion installation services, phone Keith Allman at 727-267-2617. Easy estimates and appointments are currently available through the company’s website, https://royalwoodfloor.com/. The company provides top craftsmanship and cares for many types of custom and domestic wood. Visit the company’s website for examples of previous work.