Why Wood Floor Buff and Coat Services Should Always Be Your First Option

Why Wood Floor Buff and Coat Services Should Always Be Your First Option

If you want your hardwood floors to remain in top shape, you have three choices: replace them, refinish them or recoat them. Each option comes with its own price tag that makes it more or less desirable. As a wood floor restoration company with extensive experience, we know that cost can make or break your decision to fix your wood floors. But here is the good news: most of the time, your hardwood floors can come back to life with a simple buff-and-coat job, the least expensive alternative.

Why buffing and coating? Many times, your hardwood floors are in better shape than you think. The cloudy sheen or unsightly scratches may be only surface damages, while the wood underneath remains untouched. Remember, your hardwood floors are sealed with a protective coat that takes the hard blow when it comes to wear and tear. So, before you decide what route to take, consult a professional hardwood floor restoration company and see if a buff-and-coat job is not in fact everything you need to do.

Here are a few more reasons why buffing and coating should always be your first option.

Good Maintenance Option

Consider buffing and coating the periodic facelift you give your hardwood floors and an excellent preventative and maintenance measure. It is best to recoat your hardwood floors before the top coat is worn and before the damage gets to the wood, even if this means before your floors get in visibly bad shape. Once you see that your planks have lost their shine in a few high-traffic areas, buff and coat your floors so that the wood does not get exposed, and you will avoid the costlier sanding job. We recommend that you hire wood floor buff and coat services every 3 to 5 years, but some high-traffic areas may need to be recoated on an annual basis.

Extending the Life of Your Hardwood Floors

When deciding between sanding and a simple recoat, keep in mind that every sanding job reduces the life of your hardwood floors. Because this process removes part of the wood, wood planks can be sanded only a limited number of times. Buffing and coating keeps the wood intact, while the new hardwood floor coating seals it and prevents further damage.

Less Disruption

Sanding and refinishing your wood floors is a highly disruptive job that usually takes a few days. Your wood floor refinishing contractors use heavy, noisy tools to sand away the top layer of your planks and turn themselves into dust-making machines. Whenever this happens, it is a good idea to leave the house not only because the dust is unbreathable and impossible to keep out even from sealed areas, but also to allow the stain and top coat dry without breathing the fumes. Furthermore, your wood floors may take weeks to completely cure, which means that you will have to wait before moving your furniture back in, even if you will be able to use your floors in as little as 24 hours. Sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors, while giving you beautiful results, is a work of patience for both you and your wood floor buff and coat professionals.

Quick Turnaround Time – Done in One Day

By contrast, buffing and coating is a quick job that only deals with the top polyurethane coat, so there are no wood particles that mysteriously land on your furniture days and weeks after the job is done. But the best part is that buffing and coating can be done in one day. Tired wood floors in the morning turn into shiny, newly coated planks by the same night. Even better, depending on the magnitude of the job, your wood floor buff and coat professionals may even be done in half a day.

Half the Price of Full Sanding and Refinishing

Because buffing and coating is a surface job that only affects the wood floors’ top coat, it is less elaborate, therefore less expensive. Usually, buffing and coating is half the price of a full sand and finish job, so consider this option first. It is an affordable way to take your wood floors back to their glory days.

Preserving the Character of Your Floors

If you have distressed wood floors and you like the look, a buff and coat job will preserve the rustic character of your planks. By contrast, once you sand the wood, the distressed characteristic is compromised and you end up with smooth floors. In this case, buffing and coatings is preferable. Even if more elaborate, the job is still possible, but may demand more manual or detail work from your wood floor refinishing contractors.

Of course, sometimes, buffing and coating is not enough. The wood underneath the top coat may be damaged or you may just wish for another stain color. However, consider buffing and coating a necessary periodic treatment that can be done fast and comparatively cheap, so that you can enjoy wonderful wood floors all year round.