Hardwood Floor Buff and Coat Services


Revealing New Customer Service In Hardwood Floor Buff and Coat Services

Check out this customer service minded ​Milwaukee based wood floor buffing service and learn how easy and affordable hardwood flooring can be, thanks to the experienced professionals at Royal Wood Floors.

Hardwood is the preferred choice for homeowners and businesses, according to a recent Forbes Magazine news article. To increase a home’s value and to add years to its flooring, a periodic ​hardwood floor buff and coat will do wonders. With a regular wood floor buff, along with hard wood floor coating, a home or office will retain remarkable beauty and sense of space. That’s why it’s imperative to have a ​wood floor buff and coat professional do the job right the first time.

Further proof of its popularity can be found in the 2014 House and Home Survey. The study included nearly 20,000 respondents, finding the highest percentage of participants choose hardwood over carpet and tile. In addition, a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors found the same results, homeowners, soon to be homeowners, and businesses preferred wood flooring over any other kind of flooring.

The results should come as no surprise considering the benefits of hardwood flooring. First and foremost, is its incredible durability, lasting several decades with the proper care and periodic maintenance. Unlike carpet, hardwood can be refinished, rather than completely replaced. In contrast to a tile floor, it does not have a high maintenance issue of costly grout cleaning. What’s more, hardwood does not collect as much dust and does not trap allergens.

​Wood flooring care is simple and straightforward. To make it last for years and years, buffing and coating, along with refinishing, are easy options, especially when done by an experienced, professional service. With hardwood flooring buff, things such as scratches and worn finishes are removed. Wood floor buffing is done in conjunction with refinishing, or singularly to restore shine. It is an alternative to replacing hardwood and is relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to removing and replacing tile or carpet.

An experienced and professional service can easily evaluate the condition of hardwood and have the necessary skill set to make it look new.