Best Hardwood Floor Buff and Coat Results By A Local Trades Team And Experienced Professionals


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Hardwood innately possesses the ability to last for several generations and is known to function for years with the proper care. Homeowners and businesses choose wood flooring for its great looks and durability. It also outperforms such materials as laminate, carpet, and tile.
Now and again, wood flooring needs professional servicing to remain looking new. A skilled, high-quality hardwood floor buff and coat will do the trick.

Knowing when Flooring Needs Professional Care
Knowing when to have floors professionally serviced is the key to avoid more costly maintenance or even replacement. For instance, a new-protective finish applied from hard wood floor coating lasts between five and ten years.
The top coat will show signs of deterioration, which include dulling and sometimes, discoloration. Such phenomena are the result of years of foot traffic, humidity levels, tiny particles, and normal wear and tear.

When floors develop a dark look or cloudy sheen, it is time to have wood floor buff and coat professionals service the space. Scuffs and scrapes are also signs of needing skilled attention. Noticeable wear through the top coat is yet another indication of requiring professional grade service. Pet damage, in particular, scratches or gouges left from claws are another time when service is necessary.

Keeping Hardwood Looking Great
Between each wood floor buff, regularly sweep and vacuum spaces. Do not apply abrasive cleaning agents, oils or soaps to hardwood and never a damp or wet mop. Place mats and rugs outside and within entryways to minimize the dirt and cleanup spills as soon as these occur.
Keep humidity levels consistent to avoid warping and place flooring protectors under furniture, especially chairs regularly moved. Do not pull or pry out protruding nails and never attempt to pull splinters from the floor. Call a professional to replace loose boards and never walk in spike sports shoes or sharp heels across hardwood.

Certain Products and Furnishings Harmful to Wood Flooring All-in-one cleaning products wreak havoc on hardwood, often leaving a film that builds-up over time. Do not slide or push furniture over hardwood as the weight can cause deep gouging or minor scratching. Wax and polish are harmful to hardwood and when regularly used will create a thick build-up that is difficult to remove.