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Hickory Wood Floors

One of the hardest hardwood species in the world, hickory is impressive with its 1820 rating on the Janka hardness scale that puts it well ahead of oak and maple. This sturdy structure makes hickory highly attractive to homeowners for whom great wood floor longevity is a priority. It also makes it the perfect material […]


Bamboo Flooring: An Introduction

For the environmentally driven homeowner, there is no better option than bamboo flooring. Bamboo is a highly renewable resource with an extraordinary growth speed. The bamboo plant is actually not a tree, but a woody-looking grass that can reach its maturity in as little as 3 years. But this is no regular grass. Bamboo floors […]


Installing Hardwood Floors: Types of Subfloors and Why They Are Important

What lies underneath your hardwood floors is very important when it comes to both hardwood floor installation and maintenance. The installation details for each type of subfloor may become overwhelming fast, so we’ll keep it simple. Installing Wood Floors Over Concrete The first question you may have is whether you should build a plywood subfloor […]


What is Water Popping?

The rich, dark wood floors you see today in more and more houses have a common little secret: water popping. Also responding to names such as raising the grain or grain popping, water popping is a technique used before staining. Water is added evenly to the floor and opens the pores of the wood so […]


Engineered Wood: More Benefits

Not sure yet if you should install engineered hardwood floors rather than solid wood planks? Here are a few more reasons to make your decision easier. Same Resale Value as Solid Wood When it comes to your home’s resale value, there is no difference between traditional hardwood floors and engineered wood. This is because engineered […]


Low Cost, Professional Wood Floor Restoration Services

Refinishing wood floors does not have to be an expensive and time consuming proposition. With the help of this Milwaukee based company, wood floors are given new, long lasting life at an affordable price.

For homeowners, business owners and income property owners needing an affordable wood floor installation service, there is only one smart option. Proper installation and maintenance are vital to extending the life of hardwood, particularly in high trafficked properties.

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