Experienced Wood Floor Refinishing, Repair & Replacement Services


This process involves a rough, medium, and fine cut with a floor sander and an edger. The next step involves scraping the corners and then buffing the hard wood floors. We are now ready to either stain or coat the hard wood floors. Royal Wood Floors applies the stain and 3 top coats of finish with the sheen level you desire. Matt, satin, semigloss, or gloss finish to provide the ultimate wood floor refinishing.

Buffing and recoating your floor is our companies' most cost effective option. When you have an existing floor that is in good shape, but has dulled or lost its luster do to wear and tear through the years, this type of wood floor refinishing is a great option to bring back the original beauty and luster of your hard wood floors.

This aspect of the business takes a certain level of competence to achieve a woven in seamless hard wood floor repair. With a high degree of difficulty involved in this process. It is best left to the professionals at Royal Wood Floors to handle this type of work. We are proficient and meticulous about our repairs looking flawless, and to match your existing wood floors.

The installation process is by far the most labor intensive part of our business. We specialize in custom craftsmanship that will hold true for generations to come. This also increases the value of your home. The high quality hard wood flooring mills that we are fortunate to have here in Wisconsin, make installation that much easier for us, which in turn allows us to complete the jobs sooner.

This aspect of our business really takes your hard wood floor to the next level. Another local company we work with, called Oshkosh Design, can custom make nautical medallions, family crests, or whatever design you can come up with. Custom boarders are also an option to really spiff up your hard wood floors with endless design options that we can review with you.