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Is Sanding and Finishing Becoming a Lost Art?

In a time not far gone, restoring old hardwood floors or finishing wood floors on site was the bulk of wood flooring contractors’ projects. But in the last two decades, a curious phenomenon has changed the wood floor industry. The interest in having floors sanded and finished has been rapidly taken over by an overwhelming […]


Hickory Wood Floors

One of the hardest hardwood species in the world, hickory is impressive with its 1820 rating on the Janka hardness scale that puts it well ahead of oak and maple. This sturdy structure makes hickory highly attractive to homeowners for whom great wood floor longevity is a priority. It also makes it the perfect material […]


Oak Wood Floors

Oak is the most popular wood flooring choice with homeowners. This may have something to do with its extraordinary durability and longevity. You can find oak floors that are in perfectly decent shape in 100-year old houses – or even older. And wrap your mind about this: 2 or 3-century old reclaimed oak wood is […]


Advantages of Installing Engineered Wood Floors

You are familiar with engineered wood and find its layered construction charmingly ingenious. However, you are not sure whether you should choose it over solid hardwood. Comparing high-quality engineered wood with regular wood is a case of “everything you can do, I can do better.” So why go with an engineered hardwood floor installation? As […]


Wood Floor Inlays and Medallions

Local to Milwaukee County, Wisconsin company Royal Wood Floors — known for its expert floor care, restoration, and refinishing, and installation — has added elaborate wood floor inlays and medallion to its list of home and business wood flooring services…

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